About Mollie B

A Musical Journey


Mollie B, the multi-instrumentalist and award-winning vocalist who is the host of the Mollie B Polka Party TV show, has been performing music all her life. Mollie started her career performing with the Jim Busta Band when she was only a child and due to her hard work and dedication, Mollie B now performs nation-wide -- live performances, as well as on TV and the movie screen, most often, but not exclusively with the band SqueezeBox. Mollie not only has performed on over 35 recordings, she has shared her many God-given talents with fans in over 30 states and eleven countries and continues to inspire young musicians with her love for music. 

Between the Jim Busta Band's practices and recording sessions, music always filled the Busta household in small-town Minnesota while Mollie was growing up.  She started singing in the band at age three and joined on piano when she was eight-years-old.  For years to follow, Mollie played several instruments both in the school bands and choirs, as well as in her father’s band.

During her high school years, Mollie arranged songs for the school’s band and choir programs, the Jim Busta Band, and even found time to create her own original compositions. Mollie also served as the student-director for her high school band rehearsals and concerts.

Mollie went on to continue to develop her love of music and received a Bachelor of Arts in Music (trumpet and voice) from Luther College (Decorah, IA).  Mollie’s senior paper was on polka music which gave her a chance to educate her classical music professors and colleagues about the music dear to her heart.  Mollie also received a Master of Arts in Instruction from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota (Winona, MN).  In 2005, Mollie joined Ted Lange's Bratwurst Boys, based out of Ridgeville Corners, Ohio.  In 2007, 2-time Grammy-nominee Ted and Mollie changed the name to SqueezeBox.  SqueezeBox showcases Mollie's versatility on several instruments, as well as her talented vocals.  

In July of 2011, the first Mollie B Polka Party aired on RFD-TV.  Mollie was a creative director and co-producer of these shows.  The Mollie B Polka Party currently airs in over 55 million homes on RFD-TV on Wednesday at 6:30pm and Saturday at 10:00pm ET.  

In 2017, Wisconsin Public Television released the documentary called "POLKA!"  Mollie is the host of this 90-minute long documentary about celebrating life with polka music in the state of Wisconsin. 

In 2018, Mollie B & SqueezeBox appeared as “Mollie B & her band” in a scene of the Warner Brothers movie, “The Mule,” directed and starring Clint Eastwood.  In this scene Mollie plays piano, trumpet, sings, has one line, and dances with Clint Eastwood.  Additionally Mollie & Ted Lange co-wrote the song they performed, which was pre-approved by Clint Eastwood.  Mollie wrote the instrumental part and the chorus & Ted wrote the verse.

Mollie’s talents have also been showcased in front of a live audience during The Mollie B Christmas Shows both at RFD-TV the Theatre and the Jim Stafford Theatre in Branson, Missouri, in 2011-2014, and 2016. Since 2017, Mollie performs the holiday special at the CAL Center in Reedsburg, Wisconsin. Mollie has performed, directed, wrote, produced, choreographed, and hosted these two+-hour live performances. Mollie’s cast has featured up to 36 renowned musicians and artists in front of audiences up to 1300.


Mollie has won the title of the “Favorite Female Vocalist” award numerous times, both from the United States Polka Association and the International Polka Association.  She has also won multiple awards from the Polka America Corporation for her polka recordings with Ted Lange.  Additionally, Mollie has won the "2013 Polka Promoter of the Year" award, from the Wisconsin Polka Hall of Fame, and was inducted into the Iowa Polka Hall of Fame in 2015.  In 2018, she became the youngest inductee into the International Polka Association Hall of Fame.

Some of Mollie’s most note-worthy performances as a vocalist, instrumentalist, actress, and/or music arranger include:

Caribbean Cruises (2001, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013-2020),

Wurstfest (New Braunfels, TX, 2009-2013, 2015-2019), 

Norsk Hostfest (Minot, ND, 2013-2019),

Maggie Mae Show in Reedsburg (2016-2019),

Mollie B Christmas Show at the CAL Center in Reedsburg, WI (2017-2019),

Midwest Country (2019),

Warner Brothers movie “The Mule” (2018),

Rhythm Cats at Silver Star Theater (Mesa 2017),

Maggie Mae Christmas Shows (2016-2017: Crystal Grand, WI Rapids Performing Arts Center, Hartford Scheuer Center),

Mollie B Christmas Concert at the Jim Stafford Theatre (2016),

Toledo Symphony (Bryan, OH, 2010 & 2016),

Jimmy Sturr Show on RFD-TV (2012-2016),

Penny Gilley Show on RFD-TV (2012-2015),

Anniversary Mass with Daniel O’Donnell (Moline, IL, 2010),

Big Joe Polka Show on RFD-TV (2005-2008),

Iowa Governor Culver’s Inauguration Gala (Iowa City, IA, 2007),

American Folk Arts Festival (Bangor, ME, 2006),

President’s Palace in the Dominican Republic (2004), 

Sound of Music (Spring Grove, MN, 2003),

Library of Congress (Washington, DC, 2002),

Kennedy Center of Performing Arts (Washington, DC, 2002),

“Polka Passion” (National PBS special, 2001), and

Handel’s “Messiah” & Mozart’s “Requiem” (Decorah, IA, 2000).

She has performed with award-winning bands and artists, such as the Rhythm Cats, Heartland Country Band, Mollie B’s All-Star Band, Karl and the Country Dutchmen, the Jimmy Sturr Orchestra, SqueezeBox, Bruce Bradley Band, Gary and the Ridgeland Dutchmen, Music Connection, Brian and the Mississippi Valley Dutchmen, the Out-of-Town Czechs, the Polka Nuts, John Gora and Gorale, Toledo Polka Motion, Polka Family, Klancnik and Friends, the Don Wojtila Band, George Staerkel, Kenny Brandt, Steve Meisner, Kevin Solecki, Alex Meixner, Hank Guzevich, Fred Ziwich, Lenny Gomulka, Al Piatkowski, and more. 


In addition to performing, Mollie has taught music to all levels (age three through adults) at the following schools: Lanesboro Elementary & High School, St. Mary’s University of Minnesota, West Salem Elementary & Middle School, and St. Patrick’s Catholic School (Bryan, OH).  Furthermore, for 15 years, Mollie taught private music lessons (teaching up to 52 students/week).


When Mollie finds herself away from the stage and teaching, she enjoys dancing, exercising, playing with her nieces & nephews, family time, spending down-time with her husband, Ted Lange, and traveling.  ​​


2019 - International Polka Association - Favorite International Band

2018 - International Polka Association - Favorite International Female Vocalist

2018 - USA flag was flown in Mollie B’s honor during combat support missions to Iraq and Syria

2018 - International Polka Association Hall of Fame

2017 - International Polka Association - Favorite International Female Vocalist

2017 - International Polka Association - Favorite Polish CD: “Dance all Night” 

2017 - Bavarian Blast Parade, New Ulm, Minnesota - Co-Parade Marshall

2016 - Polka Lovers Club in Texas (La Grange) Wall of Fame

2016 - International Polka Association - Best International Polka CD song: "North Shore" from "SqueezeBox by Request"

2016 - International Polka Association - Best International Polka CD: "SqueezeBox by Request"

2016 - International Polka Association - Favorite Female Vocalist

2015 - International Polka Association - Favorite Female Vocalist

2015 - Iowa Polka Hall of Fame - Promoter Category 

2015 - Polka America Corporation - Best Variety Polka CD of the Year: "2014 Mollie B Christmas Special"

2015 - Polka America Corporation - Best Polish-Style Polka CD of the Year: "Polkas On My Mind" (Emily Bizon)

2014 - Polka America Corporation - Best Variety Polka CD of the Year: "2013 Mollie B Christmas Special"

2014 - International Polka Association - Favorite Female Vocalist

2013 - National Polka Festival Parade, Ennis, Texas - Parade Marshall

2013 - Polka America Corporation - Best Variety Polka CD of the Year: "2012 Mollie B Christmas Special"

2013 - Wisconsin State Polka Hall of Fame - Promoter Category

2013 - International Polka Association - Favorite Female Vocalist

2012 - Polka America Corporation - Best Variety Polka Cd of the Year: "2011 Mollie B Christmas Special"

2012 - International Polka Association - Favorite Female Vocalist

2011 - United States Polka Association - Favorite Female Vocalist

2011 - International Polka Association - Favorite Female Vocalist

2010 - Polka America Corporation - Best Contemporary Polka CD of the Year: "Freshly Squeezed" by SqueezeBox

2010 - United States Polka Association - Favorite Female Vocalist

2009 - United States Polka Association - Favorite Female Vocalist

DISCOGRAPHY - click on any underlined title to learn more about the recording and/or to order the discs

2020 - "No Snow at Christmas" digital download

2020 - Mollie B "Country"

2019 - "A Day to Say Thank You" CD (single)

2018 - "Positively Polka" CD - Tom Brusky

2017 - "Enjoy Yourself" CD - Kris & the Riverbend Dutchmen

2017 - "Dance All Night" CD - DynaBrass

2017 - "Making Music" CD - Ryan, Karl, & Denny

2017 - "POLKA!" - Documentary DVD - Wisconsin Public Television

2016 - "2016 Mollie B Christmas Concert" CD/DVD

2016 - "Mollie B LIVE with Kenny, Tony, and Dana" CD

2016 - "SqueezeBox by Request" CD - SqueezeBox

2016 - "The Little Fishermen Orchestra featuring Mollie B" CD - Gordy Prochaska's Little Fishermen

2016 - "The Holidays through Music" CD - Tom Brusky

2016 - "Power of Polka" DVD - Alaska Polka Chips (live)

2015 - "Ave Maria" CD (single)

2015 - "Jim Busta Band LIVE on the Mollie B Polka Party" DVD

2015 - "40th Anniversary" CD - Karl & the Country Dutchmen

2014 - "2014 Mollie B Christmas Special" CD/DVD

2014 - "Polkas On My Mind" CD - Emily Bizon

2013 - "2013 Mollie B Christmas Special" CD/DVD

2013 - "Kris & the Riverbend Dutchmen LIVE" DVD

2012 - "2012 Mollie B Christmas Special" CD/DVD

2012 - "Partners, Brothers, and Friends" CD

2011 - "2011 Mollie B Christmas Special" CD/DVD

2011 - "Enjoy Yourself" CD - Marty Nachreiner

2010 - "Well... It's About Time" CD - Jim Busta Band, Vol. 5

2009 - "Freshly Squeezed" CD - SqueezeBox

2008 - "Polka Playin' Fool" CD - John Gora & Gorale

2007 - "Squeeze Me" CD - SqueezeBox

2006 - "Solecktive Sounds" CD - Kevin Solecki

2002 - "Come, Let's Sing Joyfully to the Lord" CD - Jim Busta Band

2000 - "Polka Passion" - Documentary Video & Audio CD - National Public Television

2001 - "Have a Jolly Mollie Christmas" CD

2001 - "West Coast Tour" CD - Luther College Nordic Choir 

2000 - "Handel's Messiah" CD - Luther College

2000 - "Just Playin' Round" CD - Jim Busta Band, Vol. 4

1999 - "Boys Day Out" CD - Karl & the Country Dutchmen

1998 - "Mollie B.  A Song for Everyone" CD

1997 - "Golly Gee... Mollie B" CD - Jim Busta Band Band, Vol. 3

1992 - "Jim Busta with Family & Friends" CD - Jim Busta Band, Vol. 2