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2021 Princess Polka Cruise in the Western Caribbean 

Sunday, January 24 through Sunday, January 31, 2021

Join us and enjoy the sounds of the Jimmy Sturr Orchestra, SqueezeBox, Music Connection, Europa, Lenny Gomulka and Chicago Push, Mark Halata and Texavia, and Jim Busta.  Additionally, dancers Matt & Elaine and Randy & Ashley Thull will be on board for polka dancing instructions and for our grand stage show.  We will cruise on the Caribbean Princess.


Wanting to take polka lessons? Well that is one of the many things we will offer you on this cruise, at no additional cost. Randy and Ashley Thull ( from the "Mollie B Christmas Specials" and Matt & Elaine from the "Jimmy Sturr Show" will be teaching lessons many times during our week-long cruise.

IF YOU BOOK BY June 30, 2021, you can receive the following... This is approximately $700 per person value.

*FREE Drink package (beer, wine by the glass, liquor, soda and water)

*FREE Gratuities


We will depart Ft. Lauderdale, FL and sail to the Western Caribbean with ports of call in Falmouth, Jamaica; Grand Cayman Island; Cozumel, Mexico; and Princess Cay, Bahamas. Prices starting at $999 per person based on double occupancy, plus taxes and fees.

Exciting adventures await aboard Caribbean Princess following her multi- million-dollar array of luxurious enhancements. From staterooms that offer a more restful sleep, to endless tempting new dining options, the newly reimagined Reef Splash Zone for kids and families plus other upgrades, you’ll find Caribbean Princess, herself, has come back new.

For more information, call 1-800-724-0727.

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Mollie has traveled many locations with her fans.  

Aug 2000 – Germany/Austria/Czech Republic 

Aug 2003 – Switzerland/Austria

Aug 2007 – Germany

Sept 2008 – Windsor, Canada (polka festival)

Jan 2010 – Caribbean Cruise (John Gora, Polka Family, Toledo Polka Motion, SqueezeBox)

May 2010 – Amana, Iowa (polka festival)

June 2010 - Italy

Jan 2011 – Caribbean Cruise (Becky Livermore, Gary & the Ridgeland Dutchmen, SqueezeBox)

May 2011 – Concord, WI (polka festival)

June 2012 – Germany/Austria

May 2012 – Oconomowoc (polka festival)

Jan 2013 - Caribbean Cruise (Jimmy Sturr Orchestra, SqueezeBox, Polka Nuts, Jim Busta Band, Karl & the Country Dutchmen)

May 2013 – Oconomowoc (polka festival)

Jan 2014 – Caribbean Cruise (Jimmy Sturr Orchestra, SqueezeBox, Jim Busta Band, Mikulas, Czech & then Some)

Jan 2015 – Caribbean Cruise (Jimmy Sturr Orchestra, SqueezeBox, Kenny Brandt, Barry Boyce, Bobby Vinton)

June 2015 – Ireland

July 2015 – Germany/Netherlands

Jan 2016 – Caribbean Cruise (Jimmy Sturr Orchestra, SqueezeBox, Mark Halata, Kenny Brandt, Four Aces)

Jan 2017 – Caribbean Cruise (Jimmy Sturr Orchestra, SqueezeBox, Jim Busta, Fred Ziwich & ISM, Kenny Brandt, Music Connection)

May 2017 – Tennessee

Sept 2017 – Portugal

Jan 2018 - Caribbean Cruise (Jimmy Sturr Orchestra, SqueezeBox, Polka Confetti, All-Star Polish Polka Band, Kenny Brandt, Music Connection)

May 2018 - Mediterranean Cruise

June 2018 - Hawaii (Jimmy Sturr & Squeezebox)

Jan 2019 - Caribbean Cruise (Jimmy Sturr Orchestra, SqueezeBox, Kenny Brandt, Walter Ostanek/Bobby Kravos, Jim Busta,

                           Steve Meisner Band, Chad Przybylski & the Polka Rhythms, and Carol & the Keynotes)

Sept 2019 - Northeastern Coast Cruise (Jimmy Sturr & SqueezeBox)

Jan 2020  - Caribbean Cruise (Jimmy Sturr Orchestra, SqueezeBox, Walter Ostanek/Bobby Kravos, Jim Busta, Steve Meisner Band,

                          Neal Zunker & Music Connection)

Some of these trips have been administered and led by Mollie, others she has been part of the team that organized the trip.   


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