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Mediterranean Cruise 2024
2 nights in Athens, Greece followed by a 7-day cruise with Mollie B & Ted Lange

Athens, Greece  -  Kotor, Montenegro  -  Corfu, Greece  -  Sicily, Italy  -  Messina, Italy
Capri, Italy  -  Pompeii, Italy  -  Naples, Italy  -  Barcelona, Spain

Cruise on the Princess "Sun Princess" Luxury Liner Cruise Ship

There will be numerous options to spend time with Mollie B & Ted... meals, games, mini-concerts, travel excursions, etc.  Let Mollie & Ted help make this a vacation of a lifetime.

Capri, Italy
Naples, Italy
Messina, Italy
Kotor, Montenegro
Barcelona, Spain
Sicily, Italy
Corfu, Greece
Pompeii, Italy
Athens, Greece
Sun Princess Luxury Cruise Ship - the Dome


You can get on our waiting list by calling 845-651-4441.

Basic Itinerary:


September 4 - Fly from North America to Europe

September 5 & 6 - Tour and Experience Athens, Greece

September 7 through September 14 - Mediterranean Cruise

Sept 7 - Athens, Greece

Sept 8 - Sea Day, cruising the Mediterranean

Sept 9 - Kontor, Montenegro (water shuttle required - wheelchair access limited) 

Sept 10 - Corfu, Greece

Sept 11 - Sicily, Italy / Messina, Italy

Sept 12 - Naples, Italy / Capri, Italy / Pompeii, Italy

Sept 13 - Sea Day, cruising the Mediterranean

Sept 14 - Barcelona, Spain

September 14 - Fly home from Barcelona, Spain (arriving in the US on Sept 14)

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