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About Ted Lange

Ted Lange, a two-time GRAMMY nominee, International Polka Association "Hall of Fame" member, and the 2019, 2020, and 2021 IPA Best International Male Vocalist, co-leads and co-manages SqueezeBox with Mollie B.  While on stage, he is featured on accordion, midi bass, button box and vocals. In addition to performing with SqueezeBox, he has become a name synonymous with quality polka music as an award winning-musician, DJ, promoter, engineer, song writer, arranger and producer. He co-produced the "Mollie B Polka Party" on RFD-TV with his wife Mollie B which  broadcasts into over 60-million households.


Ted got his start in Polka Music at a very early age with his parents’ band, "The Buckeye Polka Band," a Polka/Variety Band in Northwest Ohio, and at age 5, started playing drums with them.  His parents' band was quite popular in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, and performed nearly every weekend. As he grew older and more experienced, he began filling in on accordion and drums with many of the local Northwest Ohio Polka bands including The Maumee Valley Polka Band, The Happy Times Polka Band, Bette's Polka Band, and The Polka Brats, to name a few.


Ted was also very active throughout his school years with numerous musical groups.  He was a member of The Junior Choral Society of Northwest Ohio, a select ensemble of students ranging in age, from 5th grade to 9th grade.  While a member of “JCS”, Ted and two classmates were selected to perform non chorus roles in “The Magic Flute”, with the New York City Metropolitan Opera with Renee’ Fleming as the female lead in the production.  Also while a member of JCS, Ted had the honor to perform with the Bowling Green State University Chorus, the Toledo Symphony Orchestra, and attended the Interlochen Music Camp in Interlochen, Michigan.  Additionally, Ted formed his first band in Junior High, performing a mix of music for school concerts and private parties.


While in High School, Ted organized an a cappella contemporary Christian group named “The Unknown”.  This group performed for school concerts, athletic events, corporate parties, youth camps and at many churches across Northwest Ohio.  While in the high school marching band, Ted even played a halftime show featuring polka music, with Ted playing accordion accompanied by the marching band with members of the band polka dancing on the field.


While still in his senior year in high school, he began playing accordion for Marv Herzog and the Bavarian Polka Band from Frankenmuth, MI from 1994-1995.  While a member of the Marv Herzog Band, Ted took over the bandleader responsibilities and filled in for Marv while Marv took some time off due to illness, and continued performing at all the band’s commitments, keeping that “Herzog Sound” alive with his interpretation of Marv’s unique Cordovox playing and rich German vocals.

Following TPM, Ted performed 2 years with previous Grammy Award Winner Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones, (Chicago, IL), and another Grammy Nominated Polka Band, "John Gora and Gorale' " (Burlington Ontario, Canada).  While a member of John Gora and Gorale', he was nominated for a Grammy award for his work on “Pangora’s Box” released by the band in 2004.  Ted received his second Grammy nomination also with John Gora for his work on “Bulletproof Polkas” in 2007.  In addition to performing with John Gora, Ted also performed with a Toledo based "Polish Style" band named "Change Of Pace from 2004 through 2006 and recorded 2 CD's with them. 


During that time, Ted also started hosting his own polka radio show on 1280AM, WONW, based in Defiance, OH.  For two years, Ted broadcasted polkas every Sunday morning from 11am-1pm, often needing to pre-record the show due to his scheduled performances.  


In late 1995, Ted joined the Grammy Nominated Toledo PolkaMotion and performed with them until 2001, and during that time, recorded 6 albums with TPM.  While a member of TPM, Ted appeared in the Warner Brothers movie entitled "Welcome to Collinwood", (2000), and appears on the movie soundtrack.  He was also a recipient of the Great Lakes People's Choice Awards with TPM 4 times for Ethnic Musical Group of the Year.

Ted's reputation for being able to step in as a side musician due to his keen musical ear, in addition to his vast polka music knowledge and ability have made him one of the "first calls" for any band seeking a quality fill-in on accordion, concertina or drums.  He has performed with a wide variety of bands including:  The Polka Family, The Alex Meixner Band, Brave Combo, Karl & The Country Dutchmen, Polka Country Musicians, Fred Ziwich and the ISM, The Jim Busta Band, Lenny Gomulka & Chicago Push, Gary's Ridgeland Dutchmen, Barefoot Becky & The Ivanhoe Dutchmen, The Dynatones, Frankie Liszka & The Brass Connection, Gerry Kaminski's Merrymakers, Mark Janson and the Brass Express, Ed Guca & The Polish Canadians, Henny & The Versa J's, The Polka Nuts, and Eddie Biegaj & Crusade, in addition to many more.


In the late 1990's, Ted formed the band "The Bratwurst Boys" with other members of Toledo Polkamotion, which later became the band now known as "Squeezebox".  Since 2005, the dynamic duo of Ted Lange and Mollie B have taken Squeezebox from 8 local engagements a year, to over 100 performances a year all over the United States with thousands of fans and supporters reaching every corner of the U.S. and beyond.


In addition to performing, Ted has been an avid polka promoter with involvement in several different festivals in different capacities.  For 6 years, Ted promoted and booked all the entertainment for the Hamler Summerfest in Hamler, OH.  He is also a past president of the Ohio Polka Boosters, and organized dances and special events for the membership and the general public.  He has remained a member of the United States Polka Association and is a lifetime member of the International Polka Association, in addition to other polka related organizations and publications.  He has served on the board of the "Polka America Corporation" and has been and continues to be a valued resource for other promoters, fans and musicians. 

In March of 2011, Ted joined Mollie B as a co-producer of the all new "Mollie B Polka Party" on RFD-TV and FamilyNet.  The show had its first taping in June of 2011 and the show aired for the first time on July 2, 2011 showcasing a variety of polka bands from all over the United States.  The “Mollie B Polka Party” airs on RFD-TV on Wednesday at 6:30 pm EST, Saturday at 10:00 p.m. EST.  

Ted also co-produced the “Mollie B Christmas Special” at RFD-TV the Theatre in Branson, Missouri every November since 2011.  In addition to performing, Ted also arranged several of the songs on the show each year.  Following the stage show, you'll find Ted in the studio doing touch-up work for many of the musicians, as well as contributing to the final mixed audio from the show.  In 2013, an opportunity to create a polka show on Sirius/XM radio was presented, and Ted co-hosted and co-produced the "Mollie B Polka Party Radio Show" on Rural Radio on Sirius/XM Satellite radio, with Mollie.

In addition to his performing, Ted founded his own recording studio named "Powerbox Studio."  He has engineered and produced a variety of award-winning recordings, with some being recorded in his studio in NW Ohio, and some being recorded "on the road" at various locations throughout the US.  His ability to guide musicians and creatively contribute musically during recording sessions is one of the unique God-given talents he has been blessed with and enjoys sharing to enhance the final product.


Ted is a father to Alli, father-in-law to Gage Dean, and a dog-dad to Tom Tom.  In his free time, Ted enjoys traveling with Mollie, spending time at their Wisconsin home and hobby farm, and playing with Tom Tom.




  • Mollie B Christmas Special ~ 2021

  • "No Snow For Christmas" - Single - Girl Named Tom along with Ted Lange & Mollie B, engineered, mixed and recorded this single.

  • Mollie B Country - Mollie B - 2020 - Ted engineered and mixed this recording, in addition to playing accordion.

  • "We Belong Together" - Single - Alex Vinecki & Ted Lange, produced, engineered, mixed and co-wrote this single.

  • My Polish Roots - John Gora & Gorale' - 2019, Ted also recorded and edited this recording.

  • The Mule - Movie - Warner Brothers, starring Clint Eastwood - 2018.

  • A Day To Say Thank You - Squeezebox, 2018, Single Release, Co-written with Mollie B, Ted also recorded, edited and mixed this recording.

  • Mollie B Christmas Concert - 2016 - Ted also recorded, edited and mixed this recording

  • The Little Fishermen Orchestra featuring Mollie B - Gordy Prochaska's Little Fishermen - 2016 - Ted played the drums, piano and keyboard in addition to recording, editing, and mixing this recording.

  • SqueezeBox by Request – SqueezeBox - 2016 - Ted also recorded, edited and assisted with mixing this recording

  • Mollie B Christmas Special – Mollie B All-Star Band ~ 2014

  • Butterfly - John Gora & Gorale' - 2013 - Ted Co-Engineered this recording in addition to performing on it.

  • Mollie B Christmas Special – Mollie B All-Star Band ~ 2013

  • Mollie B Christmas Special – Mollie B All-Star Band ~ 2012

  • Button Box Menagerie Volume 1 - With Fred Ziwich and Friends - 2012

  • Button Box Menagerie Volume 2 - With Fred Ziwich and Friends - 2012

  • Mollie B Christmas Special – Mollie B All-Star Band ~ 2011

  • "We're Gonna Have A Polka Party" - Mollie B Polka Party Theme Song - 2011, Ted wrote, recorded, and played every instrument on this theme song for the "Mollie B Polka Party" on RFD-TV.

  • Freshly Squeezed ~ Squeezebox - 2009

  • Polka Playin' Fool ~ John Gora & Gorale - 2009

  • SQUEEZE ME ~ Squeezebox - 2007

  • Bulletproof Polkas ~ John Gora & Gorale' ~ 2007   **Grammy Nominated**

  • Raising The Bar ~ Change Of Pace ~ 2006

  • You'll Be Back ~ Change of Pace ~ 2004 

  • Pangora's Box ~ John Gora & Gorale'  ~ 2004    **Grammy nominated**

  • Peggy's Pie Parlor ~ Ralph's World, Ralph Covert ~ 2003 ~ Guest Artist on Accordion

  • I've Just Seen A Face ~ Ted Lange & Power Supply ~ 2003

  • All Night Long ~ Toledo Polkamotion Compilation CD ~ 2003

  • The Beat Goes On ~ Toledo Polkamotion ~ 2002

  • Timeless ~ Toledo Polkamotion ~ 2001

  • The Bratwurst Boys - Self titled Recording, Limited Release - 2000

  • Just Playin’ Around ~ Jim Busta Band ~ 2000 ~ Guest Artist on Accordion

  • Welcome To Collinwood ~ Movie ~ Warner Brothers ~ Toledo Polkamotion ~ 2000

  • No Illusion ~ Toledo Polkamotion ~ 2000

  • Holy Toledo Live ~ Toledo Polkamotion ~ 1997

  • Blackjack ~ Toledo Polkamotion ~ 1996

  • Lustige Musikanten in Frankenmuth, U.S.A. ~ (VHS) ~ Marv Herzog ~ 1995

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