By REQUEST, we have started a tip jar option. During this time we have felt it has been important to play our God-given role and do our best to entertain and lift people's spirits. PLEASE do not give if you are not able. Please do not give if this pandemic has been a financial struggle for you. Please know, no matter if you follow through with this donation or not, WE APPRECIATE YOU AS FANS!


There are 2 other ways to give where 100% of the proceeds go directly to us, that do not deduct credit card fees of 3.75%.  One way is using Venmo: @MollieBPolka  


If you'd prefer, personal checks or money orders may be mailed to Mollie Busta, PO Box 327, Ridgeville Corners, OH 43555.  Thank you for your continued support and God Bless!  Mollie B & Ted Lange

Mollie B & Ted's TIP JAR