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Caribbean Cruise 2025 

You got questions?
Mollie B has answers.

Do I have to book through United Polka Artists/Jimmy Sturr Travel?  Yes, if you want the freedom/ability to attend our 40+ hours of polka parties. 

What is included in the $1049 fee?  The ship’s entertainment, entertainment by our SEVEN bands, food, 15 drinks a day, basic lodging (bed, housekeeping), FOUR ports of calls, wifi, gratuities, dance classes, stage shows, and all the enjoyment of being on a cruise ship in the Caribbean for seven days!!

What is not included in the fee? Taxes, transportation to/from the ship, extra activities you want to participate in (massages, exercise classes, on land expenses), and room upgrades. The basic fee is for an inside room, based on double occupancy. Balcony cabins and suites are available for an upcharge (people say it is worth it).


I am from Minnesota, can you help me get there? “Ya sure, Ya betcha” . Call our travel agent’s office (845-651-4266) and they can help with flights, shuttles, and more. 


Can I room alone?  Of course, just know there is an increase in cost. 


Can I have two or three cabin-mates?  Yes. And, cabin members 3 & 4 pay a reduced fee. 


Are kids allowed?  Yes.


Can I bring my wheelchair?  Yes.


I don’t know anyone and am just a fan, traveling alone. Will this cruise work for me?  If history says anything, you will be fine!! People come every year thinking they will know no one. And even if that is true on the first day, it most certainly is not by the end of the trip. 


If I want to get off the ship while at a port, is there a cost?  No. 


If I want to go on an excursion on an island, how does that work?  All passengers handle this a little differently. The ship (and our travel agents) will advise you to go on the excursions they have set up, because they are safe and the ship will not leave the port until you have returned IF you book excursions through the ship. And of course, with this comes an increased cost of the excursion. Those that don’t do that, will find activities on their own, simply walk around, or stay on the ship and enjoy a less full ship or a day of complete rest in their cabin.


The big ship seems overwhelming; do people navigate it okay?  Yes. You quickly learn, our activities and food are accessible on four decks (floors). And your room may be on a fifth deck. That’s it. You don’t NEED to access the other decks unless you choose to.  And this is a very helpful hint to remember once you embark: All but two elevators face the front.  So when you get off an elevator, the front of the ship is in front of you, the back of the ship is behind you, the ship's left side (port side and even cabin numbers) are on your left, and the ship's right side (starboard side and odd cabin numbers) are on your right. That might seem overwhelming right now, but once you embark on the ship, try to remember that helpful tip.  It will save you from walking the wrong way on this ship.


Are there dedicated smoking areas for smokers?  Yes, and at least one is inside the ship, and a few open air options, too. 


Do we have to dress up? No, you don’t. There are two formal nights in the restaurants, but you do not have to attend them. Most people wear casual cruisin’ clothes during the day and a “date night” clothes in the evening. But as long as you wear appropriate clothing (no swimsuits) while at our events and in the restaurants, you should be fine. 


Can I get on board and pay nothing more while cruising for 7 days?  Yes. It’s just the extras that cost money.

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