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A sample of the lyrics:

It won’t snow anymore for Christmas

No matter the songs we sing.

It’s sad but it’s true, and it’ll just have to do

Cuz Christmas will never be the same


Kids ask if Frosty who hangs on their tree

Is the only real snowman that they’ll ever see

We’ll tell stories of skating and hot chocolate making

and sprinkle white fluff on our tree


A new Christmas song sure to become one of your holiday favorites!  Recorded in December 2020 at Powerbox Studio in Ridgeville Corners, OH, this song is a true collaborative effort between Caleb, Joshua, Bekah, Mollie and Ted.  Look for the accompanying video which we anticipate will be released in December 2020!  


Please note:  This is a digital download, and is not available on a physical disk at this time.  


DIGITAL DOWNLOAD - "No Snow For Christmas" - Girl Named Tom, Mollie B, Ted Lange

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