The CD is scheduled to be released in July.  Order it now and receive it in July.


The CD is another wonderfully unique polka recording of Tom Brusky.  Brusky is a artist actively writing and recording polkas featuring some of today's best artists on the recording.  Mollie B sings on six songs.  Other musicians inclue Abby Broeniman (vocals), Steve Meisner (accordion), Ed Klancnik (banjo), Don Hunjadi (saxophone), and many more.  The entire recording are original songs by Tom Brusky.


The last Tom Brusky CD that Mollie was on flew off the shelf and it wasn't too long before there was literally no more CDs to be purchased.  Pre-ordering gaurantees you a copy.


The CD cost includes the cost of the CD and the shipping.

CD: Escape to Polka Paradise