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"The Chemnitzer Concertina: A History and an Accolade" by LaVern J. Rippley

This book is filled with pictures and facts, both about the concertina, the makers, and the players.

Chapter 1 - The Origin of the German Chemnitzer Concertina
Chapter 2 - The concertina comes to America
Chapter 3 - The concertina in Minnesota - the Hengel story
Chapter 4 - The concertina arrives in New Prague - the Jerry Minar Story
Chapter 5 - Promotion and Distribution of the Chemnitzer Concertina
Chapter 6 - How the Concertina is Played
Chapter 7 - Entertainment & the Concertina
Appendix I - The World Concertina Congress Hall of Fame
Appendix II - Album Covers Depict the Concertina
Appendix III - A Photographic History of the Chemnitzer Concertina

BOOK: The Chemnitzer Concertina

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