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Now available for digital download - Entire album in MP3 format!


When you purchase this song, it is for a 1-time download for your personal devices only.  We appreciate your cooperation, honesty, and understanding in this matter.



Rose Garden

Cold, Cold Heart

Make the World Go Away

Your Cheatin' Heart

Silver Threads and Golden Needles

Crying Time

Silver Wings

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You

Faded Love

In the Garden

Blue Skies

Heart to Heart Talk

On the Wings of a Dove

Could I Have This Dance

Heartaches by the Number

My Forever Friend


*Mollie B - vocals

*Ted Lange - accordion

*Jonathan Black - piano, harmonica

*Robbie Blackwood - drums

*Bruce Hoffman - acoustic guitar, bass, fiddle, steel guitar, dobro, electric guitar, mandolin

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD - Mollie B Country Complete Album mp3 file format download

  • Please note:  This is for the purchase of the entire "Mollie B Country" recording in MP3 files.  All files are in a .ZIP file format, which when decompressed (opened) reveals all 16 MP3 files.  If you want the physical copy of the cd, that is also availble on our website.

    Any duplication and/or distribution of this file beyond the purchaser for their own personal use is strictly prohibited under copyright law.  You will have the option to download the file or files immediately upon purchase, and you will ALSO receive an e-mail with a link to download your file or files for 30 days.

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