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1. I’m in Love with You
2. Corn Palace Polka
3. Red lips and Red Wine
4. Memories of Vienna
5. Autumn Leaves
6. River Boat Rag
7. Accordianna Mystique
8. Jo Ann Polka
9. Golden Nugget Polka
10. Milwaukee Waltz
11. My Father’s Waltz
12. Chili Pepper
13. Goofus
14. Swissy Missy
15. Keystone Polka
16. Champagne Polka


International Polka Music Hall of Fame® Verne Meisner traveled the Upper Midwest and beyond playing polka music for decades. He is imitated by many and was a favorite. His son Steve Meisner would often be part of the show. Here is Verne and Steve Meisner “Live! The Way It Was Meant To Be”. Don’t pass Verne & Steve Meisner on this CD!

LIVE! Vern & Steve Meisner - The Way It Was Meant To Be

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