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"Just Playin' Around" - Mollie B was the primary producer of this recording. She sings and plays several instruments: clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax, trumpet, button accordion, and trumpet. Other artists include: Jim Busta (concertina), Chad Busta (vocals, drums), Steve Kenny (vocals, trumpet), Jeff Biermann (vocals, bass guitar), Ted Lange (accordion), Mike Cielecki (accordion), and Karl Hartwich (accordion).

17 Songs: Polka Celebration, Baby Face, Cute Red-Headed Boy Schottische, Field of Flowers, Down by the Riverside, Kinder Polka, Polish Boyfriend, Owl's Waltz, I Love Everybody, I Wonder Why, Hangover Waltz, Happy Wanderer, Please Bring Me Back My Heart, Prune Dumpling Polka, I Love You Because, Fun Time (Zosia) Polka

CD: Jim Busta Band Vol. 4 (2001)

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