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Enjoy 10 DVDs/CDs from the "Mollie B Polka Party." To be clear, this is the footage that airs on RFD-TV during the "Mollie B Polka Party," complete with dancers, interview, the band, etc. And to date, this is the all (and the only) material we have access to sell.


1 - "Jim Busta Band" DVD (2011-2014). Enjoy several songs performed by the Jim Busta band LIVE on the "Mollie B Polka Party." Musicians include: Jim Busta, Mollie B, Mark Heinz, Jeff Biermann, Chad Busta, Karl Hartwich, Jeff Langen, Nic Dunkel, Steve Kenny, and Ted Lange.


2 & 3 - "Mollie B LIVE" CD & DVD: 14 Songs recorded in Ennis, Texas, in 2016 by Tony, Kenny, Dana, and Mollie B. It includes well-known polka standards including the "Beer Barrel Polka," "Pennsylvania Polka," "Tick-Tock Polka" and more.


4 - "Malek Fishermen LIVE on the Mollie B Polka Party" DVD from Medina, MN: 30 songs

- Pretty Girl Polka, Hoolerie #1 Waltz, Snowman Polka, Dot & Lad’s Polka, Beautiful Brown Eyes Waltz, Naughty Girl Polka, Pennsylvania Polka, Eddie’s Hoolerie Waltz, Blue Bird Polka, Old Lady Polka, At the Spring Waltz, Hometown Hoolerie Polka, Clover by the Water Polka, Baby Waltz, Fireball Polka, Beer and Pretzels Polka, Kitzburger Hoolerie Waltz, Otto’s Polka, Oh Clara Polka, Maybe She’s Lonesome Waltz, Merry-Go-Round Hoolerie Polka, Young Widow Polka, Yellow Moon Waltz, Die Hanswurst Polka, Ice Cubes and Beer Polka, Ocean Waves Waltz, Red Bird Hoolerie Polka, Nebraska Polka, Patty’s Waltz, USA Polka


5 - Kris and the Riverbend Dutchmen with Mollie B DVD (from Medina, MN tapings)


6 - Concertina All Starts DVD (Huron, OH taping)


7 - Knewz DVD (14 songs from Frankenmuth, MI taping). Songs: You'll Be Back; Without Your Love; When She's Gone; Secret Meeting; Spead Some Love Around; EjJanicku; Meadowlark; Mud on the Tires' As Life Rolls On; My Heart; My First Kiss; Saxarinet; The Ladybug Picknic; Leaving for the Front


8 - Doctor Kielbasa DVD (from a Medina taping)


9 - Henny and the VersaJ's DVD (from Huron, OH taping)


10 - Kava's Polish Band (Wahoo, NE taping)

Our Complete Mollie B Polka Party pack (10 discs)

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