1 - Knewz (14 songs from Frankenmuth, MI taping). Songs: You'll Be Back; Without Your Love; When She's Gone; Secret Meeting; Spead Some Love Around; EjJanicku; Meadowlark; Mud on the Tires' As Life Rolls On; My Heart; My First Kiss; Saxarinet; The Ladybug Picknic; Leaving for the Front


2 - Bobby Z (from Wahoo, NE taping)


3 - Doctor Kielbasa (from a Medina taping)


4 - Henny and the VersaJ's (from Huron, OH taping)


5 - Kava (from Wahoo, NE taping)

6 - Barefoot Becky (21 songs from Wahoo, NE taping)

7 - John Fritzler (12 songs from Ennis, NE taping)

8 - Mike Schneider (12 songs on DVD from Rothschild, WI taping)

9 - Mike Schneider (12 songs on CD from Rothschild, WI taping)

The Ultimate DVD/CD set #2: Mollie B Polka Party (9 discs)

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