Jim Brunson, Winter Texan Times

March 20, 2019

The Mollie B Show was absolutely delightful. Although I was not really into polka music when I went to see Mollie B and the Squeezebox Band perform at Bentsen Grove Resort last week, I just became a fan! And the packed house of Winter Texans attests to the popularity of Mollie B, the band and polka music.

During the intermission at last Wednesday’s show, Sharon Olund, of North Ranch, Minn. said, “We’re big fans, we really like her,” said Sharon, who spends her winters at Bentsen Grove.

Literally everyone I spoke to at the show was just thrilled with the performance and the chance to see Mollie B in person. A lot of the band’s notoriety comes from the band’s highly popular show, the Mollie B Polka Party that’s aired on RFD-TV.

“We watch RFD-TV a lot and we see her on RFD,” said Shirley Kltsa, from Mora, Minn. Shirley added, “She’s so energetic. Wow!” as she tried to describe the performance at Bentsen Grove, adding that she loves polka and grew up dancing the polka.

It seems she was in good company, as Gwen Johnsen, of Mora, Minn. shared, “We are just thrilled to be able to come watch Mollie B in person. I’ve seen her on RFD a lot of times, and I’m from Wisconsin originally – from polka land—when Myron Floren and all those guys were around. Both George and I used to dance a lot... and so we polka’d a lot. It’s fun to hear.”

When I asked Myrtle Lombard, a Winter Texan from Foreston, Minn. (near St. Cloud) if it was worth coming out to see the Mollie B Show, she replied, “You betcha! We watch her every Saturday night on RFD. I wouldn’t miss this for the world! I enjoy this so much tonight.”

 Mollie B’s fan club includes a whole lot more people than just Winter Texans. The Mollie B Polka Party was broadcast on RFD-TV to over 60 million households, including at least one very special person, as Mollie explained.

“Last March, I got a call from Warner Brothers. The call went something like this: ‘Hi, Mollie. We have a new movie coming out. Our director is a fan of yours; he watches the Mollie B Polka Party every Saturday night... So, Clint would like you to be in his new movie.’”
“Sure enough folks, Clint Eastwood watches the Mollie B Polka Party!” Mollie exclaimed.

The movie, called “The Mule” directed by and starring Clint Eastwood, hit the theaters Dec. 14, 2018.

Next, Ted Lange, Mollie’s husband and highly accomplished accordionist, announced the band’s next song would be the song they wrote for the movie: “A Day to Say Thank You.” And he dedicated the song to “all the veterans out there.”

While Mollie B’s talent and credentials are remarkable, Ted is a very talented musician in his own right. (They have received too many awards to mention in this article.) Together, along with band members Joe Poper (guitar, banjo, clarinet, vocals) and Dana Lindblad (drums, percussion), they bring a lively, highly entertaining show to the stage, to the delight of their audiences. This is what entertainment is supposed to be – when you walk away, after staying until that very last song, not daring to miss a moment of the experience, and you say, “Wow! That was fantastic! What a great show!”

For the uninitialed who may ask, “So what’s so great about Mollie B and the Squeezebox Band?” my answer is simply this: Go to one of their shows and you’ll find out. They’ll knock your socks off. The Squeezebox Band, featuring Mollie B and Ted Lange performs many different genres of music. Yes, they do great polka, but their shows include other styles of music, often featuring Mollie B’s exquisite voice and polished performances on the trumpet, saxophone and keyboard. Her performance of songs like “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and The Sound of Music’s “Maria” entranced the audience as her beautiful voice resonated throughout the hall. Their shows are truly artistic performances that are highly entertaining as almost every song adds a different dimension to the experience. Mollie plays more than a dozen different instruments, adding depth to the foundation of Ted’s amazing accordion skills and the other band members sharing the spotlight.

For more information about the band, Mollie B and Ted, visit their website at https://www.squeezeboxband.com/the-band. And don’t miss their show. They’ll be back in the Valley next year with just two shows planned as part of their Texas tour, one on Jan. 28 at Tip O Texas in Pharr, and the other on Jan. 29 at Bentsen Grove Resort in Palmview (Mission).

Greg Drust, Polka Radio Show DJ, Milwaukee, WI

March 10, 2017

"With a life of polka music, talent, education and knowledge, you are a tremendous positive force in promoting polka music today.  You're unique.  In addition to all of this, your love of Jesus radiates through all you do.  You're the real thing.  God's given you a job to do with His music, and you're doing it well."

Lindsay Czarniak, SportsCenter, ESPN

December 16, 2014

"Molle B Polka Party is a show my grandpap watches all the time.  Mollie B is so nice.  She’s beautiful.  She actually sent me an autographed photo for my grandfather.  Polkas are wonderful.”

National Polka Festival, Ennis, TX

May 2014

"Her beauty and infectious smile, along with her genuine personality and exceptional performances, have endeared thousands of fans all over the US and beyond."

Daily Times Herald, Carroll, IA - Larry Devine, News Editor

July 5, 2012

"Mollie lived up to the crowd’s hopes, demonstrating impressive versatility. She played trumpet, saxophone, keyboard, trombone and accordion; she sang; she yodeled; and she even showed some fancy stepping, dancing..."

Patrick Gottsch, Founder & Former President of Rural Media Group, Inc.

March 2011

"We are so excited to have Mollie bring her talents and knowledge of polka music to RFD-TV.  Mollie's passion and enthusiasm for polka music is infectious. I have no doubt that our large polka-loving audience is going to embrace Mollie's fresh approach and new ideas to take polka to the next level that RFD-TV's viewers have been requesting for quite some time."

Sabrina Erdman, 2014 "Mollie B Christmas Special" dancer

December 30, 2014

"Having had the honor and privilege of not only working with, but performing with Mollie, I can attest to what an incredible talent she really is.  Mollie's spirit and endless energy is captivating... she is an inspiration to everyone!  Mollie is a truly amazing person with a heart that is bigger than her talent and her beautiful smile!  My family is blessed to call her our friend!"

Robert Falco, fan

June 4, 2015

"Mollie, your versatility and ability to sing all different kinds of music is amazing. Loved the songs that you sang on Penny Gilley's show. And the Texas All Star band was fantastic.  Multi-talented Mollie B, we enjoy watching and hearing you sing, dance and play instruments, you are joy to all of your fans and a true child of the Living God!"

Zif Davis, fan

May 3, 2015

"This lovely woman is an amazing artist I have seen play 12 different instruments of 12 different songs on her Christmas Special. She is a musical instructor, has a wonderful television show and always takes time to write back to me even on her email address. What a classy lady and a class act as well. She is an amazing woman and has all the charm of anyone on this earth could ever have. Most woman attain 99.4% but this one is a total 100%. A real shining star in the land of the ladies! Her show Mollie B's Polka Party is a true work of art with her lovliness right before your eyes."

Anna Mae Kantor, fan

December 17, 2014

"I tune in every Saturday night to the Mollie B Polka Party to hear all the 'happy music' that comes from the show.  Mollie sang the 'Ave Maria' on her Christmas Special and she showed her fantastic talent as the audience gave her a standing ovation.  So, so impressive!! Hope everyone got to hear her.  She is terrific.”

Jim Rafter, fan

November 24, 2014

“I first saw her about a year ago on RFDTV.  Loved her show!  Told all my friends.  She has enormous talent and certainly all my respect for it.”

Wanda Leenerts, fan

November 16, 2014

“Always beautiful, gracious and talented. A perfect lady.”

Nicolas Dudish, fan

November 14, 2014

“Beautiful, talented with a million dollar smile… always smiling… we all love her.”

Morris Gildemeister, fan

November 11, 2014

“Mollie is beautiful, friendly, kind and a great musician.  Who could ask for more?”

Arthur Luine, fan

June 30, 2014

“Now this gal has talent and a lot of it!!!”

Denny Berg, fan from Arcadia, IA

July 5, 2012

“She’s the drawing card. She’s on RFD-TV, and everybody wants her now. You get her here, and you’re going to be in business.  With her star power, personality and talent, everybody wants to talk to her, and she accommodates you. Mollie helped sell CDs and souvenirs, signed autographs and visited one-on-one."

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