5 of Mollie B's releases from 2016 (includes 4 CDs and 1 DVD):


1- "Little Fishermen Orchestra featuring Mollie B" CD - Mollie plays saxophone/trumpet on 23 of the 25 songs and sings 10 songs.


2 - "SqueezeBox by Request" CD (featuring Ted Lange & Mollie B) - Mollie plays trumpet, sax, clarinet, button box, and sings - 15 songs total


3 - "Mollie B LIVE" CD with Kenny Brandy, Dana Lindblad, & Tony Sabo - Mollie plays trumpet, sax, piano, valve trombone - 14 songs total. This recording includes some good ol' favorites: Beer Barrel Polka, Pennsylvania Polka, Tick Tock Polka, and more


4 & 5 - Mollie B Christmas Concert DVD/CD pack featuring not only Mollie B & Ted Lange, but great musicians (Joe Poper, Matt Hanshaw, Bruce Hoffman, Robbie Blackwood) and many great dancers in Elaine Rosquist, Louis Stewart, Ashley Thull, Randy Thull, the Thull family children, Jim Busta, and Mary Lou Busta.6 - This CD features the music of Tom Brusky, “The Holidays in Music.” 12 different holidays are represented in 12 different songs on this CD… all in different styles. Mollie B is one of the vocalists on this CD.

SPECIAL: 2016 Mollie B Pack - 5 CD/DVDs

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