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"Mollie B LIVE with Kenny, Dana, & Tony"

13 songs performed live on the "Mollie B Polka Party"
Mollie on vocals, trumpet, sax, valve trombone, and keyboard
Kenny Brandt on saxophone
Tony Sabo on accordion and midi bass
Dana Lindblad on drums

Song list:
1. Pennsylvania Polka
2. Mozart’s Polka
3. Memories of Vienna
4. Praha (Shiner) Polka
5. Slap Happy Polka
6. I Fall to Pieces
7. Marie
8. Beer Barrel Polka (Roll Out the Barrel)
9. Quick Stop Polka
10. Rock Around the Clock
11. Kramer’s Polka
12. Save the Last Dance for Me (waltz)
13. Tick Tock Polka
14. Augie’s Polka

After many requests, here is a LIVE CD, capturing all those moments that are “there and gone” unless the music happens to get recorded. And fortunately, these songs with this set of musicians did, in fact, get recorded. I believe you will feel the energy, the fun, and the magic as you listen to the CD, due to the audience applause, talking, background noises, and even lyrics that simply get “made up” on stage. We hope when you listen this CD, you will feel like you are there at this LIVE dance that took place in April of 2016 at the Sokol Hall in Ennis, Texas.
I am truly blessed to work with such fine musicians. Kenny, Tony, Dana, and I started playing together in August of 2015. That fall we performed in Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, Texas, and Oklahoma. When the opportunity presented itself to perform in Texas for the “Mollie B Polka Party” taping, even though it had been nearly seven months since we performed together, we all agreed. This CD demonstrates the talent of these musicians, for everything you hear on this CD is how they performed it LIVE in Texas.
On behalf of the musicians, I thank Gary Rhamy for all his post-production work on this CD and I thank all of you for your support and hope you enjoy this CD now and for years to come.

CD: Mollie B LIVE w/ Kenny, Dana, & Tony

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