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"Golly Gee... Mollie B" (1997) was Mollie's first CD that she produced. She chose the songs, wrote the arrangements, sang on several songs, and played instruments on every song: piano, clarinet, trumpet, and tenor sax. The other musicians were Jim Busta (concertina, button box), Jeff Biermann (vocals, bass guitar, tuba), Steve Kenny (vocals, trumpet), Chad Busta (vocals, drums), Mary Lou Busta (vocals), Jason Busta (vocals), Karl Hartwich (concertina), and Lisa Busta (vocals).

17 songs: Prune Song Waltz (Czech vocal), Gary's Polka, San Antonio Rose, Eddie's Waltz, Satin Sheets, Barbara Polka, Have I Told You Lately, Honey Bee Waltz, Apples Peaches Pumpkin Pie Polka, Chicago Waltz, Ramblin' Rose/Please Release Me, Drink Your Troubles Away, Guido Polka, I Can't Help It, Nutty's Laendler, In Heaven there is No Beer, and Beautiful Brown Eyes Waltz.

CD: Jim Busta Band Vol. 3 (1997)

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