"Jim Busta Band with Family & Friends" (1992) was Mollie's first recording.  She played trumpet on nearly every song and sang a few songs, as well.  Other musicians: Jeff Biermann (tuba, vocals), Chad Busta (drums, vocals), Steve Kenney (trumpet, vocals), Jim Busta (concertina), Mary Lou Busta (vocals), Jerry Minar (concertina), Jean Biermann (vocals), Jason Busta (vocals), and Lisa Busta (clarinet, vocals).

16 songs: Waltz Time Waltz, Red-head Polka, Paper Roses (Mollie vocal), Just Because, Red Handkerchief Waltz, Let's Have a Party, Green Meadows Waltz, Little Fisherman's Waltz, Put Your Arms Around Me Honey (Mollie, Steve, Jeff vocal), Tinker Polka, Starlight Waltz, Susie Polka, Swiss Boy Waltz, No Beer Today, Sweet Violets Waltz

CD: Jim Busta Band Vol. 2 (1992)

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