Mollie has enjoyed polka music all her life.  She was dancing as a toddler, playing on stage as a young girl, picked up and learned many instruments to play in her father's band when she was a teenager, and once Mollie could drive she would travel hours to attend polka fests to meet up with old friends and make new ones, too.  "Polkas promote fun family times (which my family had so many of), tradition building, exercise, awareness of heritage, friendships, and a release of joy!!!"  And that is why Mollie does what she can do to help preserve and promote the music.  In Mollie's professional career of 26 years, she arranged polkas, played polkas, sang polkas, wrote polkas, served as a side-man, served as a band leader, co-hosted a polka radio show on Sirius XM, hosted and co-produced a polka TV show on RFD-TV, wrote a paper on polka music, hosted and ran an on-line polka store, performed as a guest artist in many polka bands, produced and performed several polka CDs and DVDs, served as assistant engineer for multiple recording projects, hosted a polka documentary,  and promoted the music in many ways. 

Enjoy this page that is dedicated to the continuation of POLKAS!



Click HERE to CONTACT BANDS that have played on the "Mollie B Polka Party" and request schedules, polka fest flyers, or CD order forms.  Let's help keep this wonderful music alive!

Mollie teaching "polka-hop" dance lessons in her hometown, Spring Grove, MN.  If you are interested in a full instruction DVD of dancing the polka-hop. Mollie suggests the instruction video by Randy & Ashley Thull which can be found at ThePolkaDancers.com.


Click the image to the left to watch the 75 minute documentary on polka music in Wisconsin, completed in 2017.  The after watching it, please complete a short survey HERE.  Positive feedback can only help encouage more shows like this.  Thanks!

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