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Guitar. Banjo. Vocals.

Joe Poper

Joe began his musical training at the age of 12 on the guitar at the Royal Conservatory of Music, where upon completion, he instructed new young guitarists on ‘their’ exciting musical journeys.  Joe pursued his love of music on other instruments over the years as well.  Some of these would include the bass guitar, accordion, saxophone, clarinet, violin and banjo.

For 38 years, Joe led his own band in the Toronto, Canada area called "Atlantis".  He is also an accomplished vocalist who has performed lead and backup harmony work, not only with his own band, but also with many other notable groups over the years.

Joe, with his energetic stage presence, has enjoyed entertaining audiences in both Canada and The United States, and has been seen and heard on a number of radio and TV performances which he has participated in.

Currently, Joe is touring ‘as a member’ of Squeezebox with Ted Lange and the multi-talented Mollie B. Engagements with this outstanding group will ultimately take him to every corner of the USA!

Joe has performed with many bands through the years, including the following:


Joe Babiarz Orchestra
Stan Stawiarski and New Tiara
Ed Guca and the Polish Canadians
The John Timko Band
L’ll Wally
The Canadian Fiddle Stix
A Village Sound
Hot Cargo
West Side Blues Band




  • We’re A Polka Band - Atlantis Polka Band - 1979

  • Blues It Up! - West Side Blues Band - 2008

  • Still Playin’ Polkas - Ed Guca and the Polish Canadians - 2014

  • The Mollie B Christmas Special (Branson) - 2016

  • My Polish Roots and Beyond - John Gora and Gorale - 2018

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